About Me (Marcie)

Photographing People of All Abilities

Hi there! My name is Marcie and  photographing individuals with special needs  is what I do.


For 15 years I worked professionally with children and adults with disabilities.
Since 2008 I have been the parent of a medically complex child (that's us to the left). I know how difficult, and frustrating, and disappointing, it can be to try to photograph your own beautiful child, a child who only sometimes looks at your face, who finally sits up straight but still needs help to stand, whose smile is happy and warm and contagious but inconsistent.

Every photo shoot, like every day, is full of surprises, and I welcome them! Our photo session experience can be so gratifying, to my clients and to me. I understand how meaningful it is to preserve images of the ones we love, and I truly appreciate the thrill of finally getting that perfect shot.

I've combined my passion for photography with my experience as a mom of a child with special needs.  
I am loving it!

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"Marcie Randall was so great to work with.  My husband and I wanted a professional, outdoor photo of our three children. Before she came to take the pictures, Marcie and I consulted on a location that would work best for my special needs daughter.  Marcie took the photos in our backyard and the end result was a beautiful photo of my three children that I will treasure forever. We highly recommend her as a photographer.  She is professional, patient and the pictures came out great."

-  Susan M. -

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